Operation of Concrete Pump Placing Booms When Power Lines Are Present

Contact with high-voltage power lines is the most common cause of fatal and serious accidents related to the operation of concrete pump placing booms. It is the position of the American Concrete Pumping Association that placing booms shall never be operated within 20 feet (50 feet when the voltage exceeds 350kv) of energized overhead power lines (the danger zone). Power line injuries can only be eliminated with the cooperation of everyone on the job site. Each party has responsibilities, as follows.

Navigating Nuclear Verdicts

You think it can’t happen to your company. You’ve read about the catastrophic accident that happened to some other company. Then one day on the job, unstable ground conditions cause a pump truck to tip over, the boom falling and pinning workers below. Or your concrete pump operator hits the left rear wheel well of a vehicle that suddenly cut in front of him from the right lane. Severe injuries and deaths result. Are you ready — really ready — for the “war” that will ensue?

Beyond the Pump: Workforce Development Stories

The concrete pumping industry is ripe with jobs and opportunities for growth. Many of today’s industry leaders started out as concrete pumpers and worked their way up to the positions they currently hold. What they had in common was a desire to learn and expand into new roles.

Habitat for Humanity: ACPA MEMBERS CONTRIBUTE NEARLY $250,000

ACPA, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association’s (NRMCA) Build with Strength Coalition and Habitat for Humanity International partnered in 2021 to fortify affordable and sustainable housing across the U.S. using concrete and insulated concrete forms (ICFs). We set a goal to construct 50 concrete homes in 50 states in five years and are on target to exceed that goal. ACPA is proud to be part of this project and our members have played a key role in bringing it to fruition. We estimate the total value of contributions of ACPA members is close to $250,000 in donated materials and services.

Weatherton Scholarship Awarded to Three Inspiring Students

The American Concrete Pumping Association is proud to present the 2022 recipients of the Bob Weatherton Scholarship: Margaret Schmidt, Leighton Landreth and Lauren Bone. These students embody the leadership and spirit that is integral to the legacy of the late “Big Bob” Weatherton of The Concrete Pump Store in California. Bob served on the ACPA board of directors for more than 40 years and was one of the industry’s most avid champions.

OSM Recap

Pumpers ruled the Rockies September 17-18 when more than 150 individuals from 75 companies gathered in Colorado for the ACPA’s second-annual Operations, Safety & Maintenance (OSM) Conference. The event took place at the Westin Westminster hotel, nestled conveniently between the cities of Denver and Boulder. With the Rocky Mountains serving as a backdrop, attendees spent the weekend learning, networking and having some fun to boot.

Stay Ahead of Cold-related Incidents

As we approach winter, you will need to prepare your employees physically and mentally for inclement weather. They may face a variety of cold-weather hazards, including frostbite, hypothermia, trench foot and hazardous road conditions. All of these conditions are extremely serious, and employers must take measures to prevent them from occurring.

New Members for November 2022

Welcome to the American Concrete Pumping Association! 

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ACPA Announces New Safety Director

The ACPA is pleased to announce the association’s first dedicated safety director: Tabah Nez. This inaugural position was created to further ACPA’s safety and certification programs for concrete pumping professionals.

Weatherton Scholarship Awarded to Three Inspiring Students

The American Concrete Pumping Association is proud to announce Leighton Landreth, Dominick Willman and Shelby Willy as co-recipients of this year’s Bob Weatherton Scholarships. These inspiring students represent the same leadership and spirit exemplified by the late “Big Bob” Weatherton of The Concrete Pump Store in California. Bob served on the ACPA Board of Directors for more than 40 years and is remembered as one of the industry’s most avid champions.