Concrete Pumping Association of Canada Merges with American Concrete Pumping Association

The American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA) announces the Concrete Pumping Association of Canada (CPAC) will now operate as an ACPA chapter, continuing under the CPAC name. The merger will give ACPA members from Canada a dedicated forum for addressing issues affecting Canadian pumpers. Current CPAC members will benefit from ACPA’s strong safety, training and concrete pump operator certification program.

Member Profile: CanCrete’s Husband-Wife Team Serves Ontario’s Pumping Needs

ACPA is excited about our recent merger with the Concrete Pumping Association of Canada (CPAC). We’ve had a long history of Canadian membership, and we’re proud of our North American presence. Now, our Canadian members have a dedicated forum representing their needs. Working together, we’ll create a synergy that will advance the greater concrete pumping community. As we advocate for common interests and share resources on both sides of the border, we see a bright future for concrete pumping in North America.

Team ACPA Wins First Pumper 500 Race

Following this past October’s ACPA strategic planning session held in conjunction with the fall board meeting, attendees competed in the first ever “ACPA Pumper 500” go-kart race at K1 Racing Center in Torrance, California.

Over 50 racers competed for the best time overall, as well participated as a team competition sponsored by NBIS Insurance; DY Concrete Pumps; Putzmeister America; Longhorn Line Pumps and the ACPA. Entry fees for the team-building event were contributed to the association’s political action fund, ACPA PumpPAC, raising over $3,000.

American Concrete Pumping Association Announces New Hours of Service Exemption

The American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA) is pleased to announce a significant victory for concrete pumpers. On November 1, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) granted the ACPA’s request for an exemption for concrete pumpers from the requirement that short-haul drivers utilizing the records of duty status (RODS) exception return to their normal work-reporting location 12 hours from coming on duty.

Late Summer Success in Washington

The last couple of months have seen a flurry of successful activity in Washington for the American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA). Working diligently with other members of the North American Concrete Alliance (NACA)* we’ve advanced our interests on Capitol Hill. Some of the most recent highlights benefitting concrete pumpers include:

Thwarting Tall Wood

American Concrete Pumping Association Creates Legacy Award

The American Concrete Pumping Association announces its newly instated Legacy Award for past and future recipients of ACPA’s Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement and Pioneer awards. The Legacy Award will give past award-winners and future recipients of these awards lifetime membership in the ACPA upon their retirement from the concrete pumping industry.

ACPA Announces New Safety Resources

"Safety Procedures When Maintaining a Concrete Pump” Manual

Mike Cusack

Mike Cusack passed away on Tuesday December 18th, 2018. He was surrounded by his three loving daughters, two son-in-laws, his dear sister and his best friend of 55 years.

New Members for November 2018

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ACPA Wildfire Relief Fund

The ACPA has several members that live and work in the areas affected by West Coast Wildfire destruction and their employees need our help! Many have lost everything and have nowhere to go. Let's all show support for our concrete pumping community!