New ACPA President

ACPA is excited to announce its new President Wayne Bylsma. Bylsma has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, specializing in concrete pumping and concrete manufacturing, with an emphasis in sales, marketing, customer relations and business development. Previously, Bylsma held the title of vice president of ACPA and has also served as chairperson of the ACPA Communications Committee since 2014.

ACPA Cocktail Party: Lights of Las Vegas

The dazzling Vegas Strip skyline served as a stunning backdrop to this year’s ACPA cocktail party — fittingly called “Lights of Las Vegas” — which kicked off World of Concrete 2022.

Sight & Sound Events channeled the spirit of Sinatra and other iconic entertainers to set a vintage Vegas tone for the party, which was held on the rooftop terrace of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s West Hall on Tuesday, January 18.

ACPA Honors Dave Adams with the Lifetime Achievement Award

The ACPA presents Lifetime Achievement awards only in years when an individual or company stands out with utmost distinction. The Lifetime Achievement honors individuals or companies who have fostered and advanced the use of concrete pumping, have improved the conditions under which concrete pumping is performed, shared their knowledge and experiences with others in the industry, and promoted and practiced safe concrete pumping.

New Members for February 2022

Welcome to the American Concrete Pumping Association!

AC Concrete Pumping
Contact: Annette Childress
9008 N County Road 500 E
Pittsboro, IN  46167

Habitat for Humanity: Bob's Concrete Pumping

Dedicated to Helping Camp Fire Victims Through Habitat for Humanity


New Member for January 2022

Welcome to the American Concrete Pumping Association!

Patrick Stangl
90 Hickory Cir
Piedmont, OK 73078

ACPA Hosts First-Ever OSM Conference

The beautiful hill country of Texas set the stage the weekend of October 16 and 17 for the American Concrete Pumping Association’s first-ever Operations, Safety and Maintenance (OSM) conference. As part of the ACPA’s mission to promote safe, effective concrete pumping, the OSM conference is the industry’s only event dedicated to concrete pumping professionals who want to...

CIM Announces Donations for Annual Auction at World of Concrete

The Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program — a business-intensive program that awards students with a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in concrete industry management — is pleased to announce that the signature item for its annual auction at World of Concrete is a truck-mounted 38M concrete pump donated by Alliance Concrete Pumps, NORCAL Kenworth and Kenworth Truck Company.


In the construction industry, where complex and expensive work involves the participation of contractors, sub-contractors, vendors and other third parties, risk transfer is an essential part of protecting your company. Agreements and contracts that clearly indicate, through well-written and precise language, which parties are liable for what are a vital element of risk transfer.

Weatherton Scholarship Awarded to Three Inspiring Students

The American Concrete Pumping Association is proud to announce Leighton Landreth, Dominick Willman and Shelby Willy as co-recipients of this year’s Bob Weatherton Scholarships. These inspiring students represent the same leadership and spirit exemplified by the late “Big Bob” Weatherton of The Concrete Pump Store in California. Bob served on the ACPA Board of Directors for more than 40 years and is remembered as one of the industry’s most avid champions.