Weatherton Scholarship Awarded to Three Inspiring Students

The American Concrete Pumping Association is proud to announce Leighton Landreth, Dominick Willman and Shelby Willy as co-recipients of this year’s Bob Weatherton Scholarships. These inspiring students represent the same leadership and spirit exemplified by the late “Big Bob” Weatherton of The Concrete Pump Store in California. Bob served on the ACPA Board of Directors for more than 40 years and is remembered as one of the industry’s most avid champions.

Open to eligible members and their employees and respective families, the Bob Weatherton scholarship was created for undergraduate, graduate and vocational students in fields related to concrete, concrete pumping, construction and engineering, construction management, and administration and vocational studies related to concrete pumps and trucks. The scholarship award is paid directly to the school and can be used to fund tuition, fees, books, or room and board provided by the institution.

In its second year, the scholarship drew many highly qualified and diverse candidates. Evaluations were completed separately by each judge—all members of the ACPA Scholarship Committee. The judges submitted their scores individually to an independent accounting firm to tabulate the results. The three individuals who were awarded the greatest number of points were selected as the winners.

Leighton LandrethLeighton Landreth

Leighton Landreth of Salado, Texas, became interested in pump trucks at a very early age, thanks to her family’s history in the construction industry. Throughout high school, Leighton worked and studied hard in the hopes that she would someday join the family’s business. Her hopes were realized before she finished high school as she accepted an office position in the family’s new pump company, Bigfoot Concrete Pumping.

She hit the ground running, helping to uncover innovative streamlining ideas and implementing new technologies. Those around her at work find her enthusiasm for the industry contagious and her ability to meet challenges head-on inspiring.

According to the company’s operations manager, Nicholas Johnson, “Leighton has exhibited a wide range of skills while building an outstanding record of performance in this role. Her ability to adapt and overcome challenges that we face on a day-to-day basis is impressive.”

Today, Leighton attends Vernon College on an athletic scholarship. She continues to work part-time for the family company while studying business administration and hopes to someday own her own business.

“Being a young woman in the construction industry is so very awesome,” says Leighton,” And I pray that I can influence and impact other people by being who I am, taking risks, and simply working hard.”

Dominick WillmanDominick Willman 

Now a senior at Ironwood Ridge High School (IRHS) in Oro Valley, Arizona, Dominick Willman has always considered his education a high priority. While at IRHS, he has distinguished himself through his induction into the National Honor Society, lettering in academics, and memberships in the Key and History clubs. Dominick also contributions his time as a math tutor to other students and volunteer cook at the local homeless shelter.

One of his teachers at IRHS, Dan Habinek, believes academic scholarships should go to students who possess strong leadership qualities and a genuine concern for their communities. “Dominick fits these guidelines perfectly,” says Dan. “I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this scholarship.”

Dominick is thankful for the “profound and positive” impact of his teachers, coaches, school staff and counselors throughout his educational journey, and he’s excited for the future.

“One of my long-term goals is to be part of our technological future and make positive contributions to future developments in the world of Engineering and Science,” Dominick says. “To have the opportunity to integrate new technologies into real-life applications and develop my knowledge, practical skills and abilities is very exciting!”

Shelby WillyShelby Willy

As a child, Shelby Willy knew she wanted to help people and make a difference. As she got older, she developed a passion for engineering and began to plan her career path in the field. Yet, she never abandoned her childhood dream to help people.

Today, Shelby is pursuing her Architectural Engineering degree at the University of Oklahoma. And she is making a difference, thanks to her involvement in programs centered around outreach and community service—Sooners Without Borders and Sooner Engineering Education, Shelby hopes to work for or own a nonprofit that creates sustainable ways to provide basic needs to those less fortunate, foreign and local.

Travis Lightsey, director for the Center for Major and Career Exploration, University of Oklahoma shares his experience with Shelby. “I have had the privilege of knowing Shelby for the past four semesters here at the University of Oklahoma,” Travis says.  “Based on my experience with her, I can truly state that she is a very deserving candidate who demonstrates many qualities in leadership, perseverance, compassion and academic work ethic.”

“I never expect to receive any sort of recognition for my work or what I plan to do with it. So, to be given an award for being genuine about that is such a blessing,” says Shelby. “Having others believe in me and my dreams makes me love what I do even more and continues to fuel my fire in making a difference.”

Congratulations to these well-deserving young people with bright futures—building the structures that build America.