ACPA Operator Certification Program

The ACPA offers the only nationally recognized safety certification program for concrete pump operators. We've certified over 5,000 concrete pump operators nationwide, to help them achieve the highest degree of professionalism - and to maintain the strictest standards for safety.

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Point-by-point exams ensure that operators are fully knowledgeable of safety in all aspects of their jobs.

Certification has been shown to improve safety, decrease accident rates in the workplace, and has become a critical standard for customers looking for reliable, high-quality pumping contractors.

Recertification keeps operators focused on correct practices and complete safety procedures.

Effective July 1, 2012, completing the ACPA Operator Safety Presentation 4.01 program or attending an ACPA Operator Safety Seminar are the only two methods in which to fulfill the mandatory continuing education requirement for all operators seeking ACPA certification or recertification.  The ACPA Certification Preparation Series will no longer be accepted.

Certification is available at a 60% discount for ACPA members.

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Certification Available

  • 2 - Portable Line Pump
  • 3 - Large Line Pump/Non-Portable
  • 4 - Boom Pump
  • 5 - 50 Meter and Larger Boom
  • 6 - Separate Placing Boom
  • 7 - Conveyor

ASME B30.27 Compliance 

ACPA Certified operators have met the requirements for the ASME B30.27-3.1.2 (b) (2) - 2014 standard that requires a satisfactory completion of a written examination covering operational characteristics, controls, power line avoidance, stability requirements, and emergency control skills, as well as characteristic and performance questions appropriate to the material placement system type for which qualification is sought.

    Current Test Version(s) Accepted By the National Office

    The new version of the ACPA Certification Test, Version 04.0.01, took effect on January 01, 2019.

    If you have any other versions, you'll need to replace them. To replace, simply send any unused, old tests to the ACPA National Office and we will replace them with the new version FREE of CHARGE.

    We CANNOT process older versions of the test under our customized grading system. Any older versions received that are not listed above will be returned for re-testing. Please call the ACPA National Office at 614-431-5618 with any questions.

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