Grading & Reporting Process

Grading Process

  1. Certification - must receive a minimum grade of 70 percent per section to pass
  2. “Weighted” questions (questions in all capitals and bold print) must be correctly answered in order to pass a particular section—regardless of passing percentage
  3. Must pass Section 1—Safety/Technical, plus at least one other section of the certification test
  4. If the operator does not pass a particular section, a re-test of the failed section(s) will be sent to the operator’s employer.  This attempt to pass will be given a 60-day grace period; otherwise the operator must retake the entire test and pay the appropriate fee

Test Reporting Process

  1. A report is generated indicating pass/fail of all the sections and the questions missed. This report is sent to the operator’s employer. The test results will additionally include the questions the operator may have answered incorrectly with the correct answer highlighted (even though they have sufficiently answered questions, which have allowed them to pass the test).  It is suggested to have a supervisor or safety director review the missed questions and correct answers with the operator and documentation to this effect be placed in each operator’s personnel file
  2. If the operator passes; a safety-trained decal, certification logo decal and certification card, along with the test results are sent to the operator’s employer. A “Safety Card” will be issued if the operator passes the test, but does not have the required experience time to be certified.
  3. If an operator fails the entire test or any portion thereof, a re-test of the applicable section(s) is sent to the operator’s place of employment.  The operator has 60 days to retake the failed section(s) and return the section(s) to the ACPA office. If the operator fails this re-test, the entire certification test must be retaken.
  4. All original tests and the test results are maintained in the ACPA National Office.

Other Reports

A report will be generated each month from the ACPA National Office for each individual company whose operator’s certifications will expire at the end of 90 days. This report will be sent to the individual company by email, fax or mail.

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