A Farewell from Craig Piercy, ACPA Washington Advocate

After almost 15 years as the association’s Washington advocate, Craig Piercy is stepping down to take a new position.

A little background…we first met Craig in 2002 when he was working for Baker-Daniels and he was heading up a coalition to fight against the IRS’ proposal to eliminate the mobile machinery exemption. When the exemption was eventually codified into law October of 2004, we were the only class of vehicle that was affected by the 7500 mile-per-year limit for credit on fuel consumed in PTO. At the time, we estimated this loss of credit as significantly higher than RET (12% retail excise tax) and HVUT (annual heavy vehicle use tax).  The ACPA then decided to employ Baker Daniels (Craig) to individually seek an exemption for concrete pumps on fuel consumed while in PTO. Along our journey together, Craig moved over Bose-Treacy and took ACPA with him. While Craig’s main initiative was continued pursuit of the fuel tax credit, his representation expanded to include other priorities such as Hours of Service and involvement with the North American Concrete Alliance (NACA).   

Dear Members of the American Concrete Pumping Association:

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that after 15 years of service, I am stepping down as the ACPA Washington Advocate.  I will be leaving the Bose Public Affairs Group this month to take on the CEO role at the American Nuclear Society.

I have always felt there was something special about the concrete pumping community.  Maybe it’s because of the way concrete pumping was started – by a group of renegade believers who didn’t take no for an answer. Maybe it’s the way ACPA members help each other out, even if it may not be in their immediate business interest.  Maybe it is the way pumpers party!

What I do know is this:  While I am saying goodbye to a number of clients, ACPA is the hardest, because it feels the most like bidding farewell to family.

But the show goes on, and you will be well-served by Patty Power leading the Bose ACPA team.  Patty gets much of the credit for ACPA’s hours of service exemptions and our strong role in the North American Concrete Alliance (NACA).   I will always be a phone call away and hope to crash the spring board meeting in Santa Fe.

In the meantime, I wish you all well in all of your endeavors.




Craig was more than just our hired advocate, he was a true friend of our industry and we’re going to miss him. Here is Craig’s contact info if you’d like to wish him well in his new endeavor.

Craig Piercy
Cell: (202) 438-0557