Clone of Signs of Progress: Concrete Pump Tax Fairness Act Introduced to Senate

The American Concrete Pumping Association took another step closer to a legislative victory for concrete pumpers. On April 17, Senators Richard Crapo, R-ID, and Sherrod Brown, D-OH, introduced S.2683, the Concrete Pump Tax Fairness Act, the companion bill to H.R.3292 introduced by Representatives Jason Smith, R-MO, and Earl Blumenauer. D-OR, last year. With bi-partisan bills in both chambers, ACPA has tackled a major hurdle.

The Concrete Pump Tax Fairness Act amends the federal tax code to provide a tax credit for the fuel tax you pay when you purchase fuel for your pump and requires a quarterly excise tax payment for the fuel your pump uses while driving. The excise tax is a mileage-based user fee. The net impact is that you will only pay federal fuel tax for the fuel used to propel the pump on the road; you will not pay fuel tax on the fuel used when the pump is operating in PTO, off the road. Under current law, concrete pumps pay federal fuel taxes for all fuel used.

ACPA is working closely with the congressional tax-writing committees (27 Senators and 40 Representatives) to get this bill included in a piece of relevant legislation that will make it to the President’s desk. 

In the coming weeks, you may be asked to contact your member of Congress to encourage them to support S.2683. For more information on our efforts, contact Patty Power of the Bose Public Affairs Group at ppower[at]bpagdc[dot]com or 202-973-8081.

ACPA continues to work with Congress to minimize the impact of federal taxes on our member companies. The Concrete Pump Tax Fairness Act will help you keep more of your revenue to grow your companies.