SCHWING America Announces New Boom Inspection Program

SCHWING America introduces a newly revised boom inspection program in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Safety Standards for Material Placement Systems B30.27 requirements.

ASME B30.27 requires frequent and periodic inspections. To accommodate this requirement, SCHWING America is splitting their inspections into two categories, structural and operational.

The operational inspection focuses on the common components of the concrete pump, including hoses, fittings, pipeline, safety decals, etc. The structural inspection covers damage, corrosion, cracking and deformation of structural components such as booms, outriggers and subframes.

Owners have several options to obtain these inspections: They can have a mechanic certified for operational and a welder for structural. They can also certify one for doing both. Customers can also hire SCHWING or SCHWING-approved boom inspectors to go through their equipment.

Mechanics and welders can be certified through SCHWING America. Classes will be offered throughout the year at our White Bear Lake facility. Class schedules can be found at Private classes are available upon request, at either SCHWING America or the customer’s location.

Customers can schedule SCHWING boom inspectors through our service department. Independent SCHWING-certified boom Inspectors can be found at

Inspections ensure equipment is safe and operating optimally. “We feel this new inspection program provides value for both owners and operators,” said Scott Roisum, vice president of product support. “Not only are you providing your operator with a safer machine, but you are increasing your resale value while ensuring your pump meets all industry standards.”