Christopher Kidd Appointed Regional Sales Manager at Simard Suspensions

The CEO of Simard Suspensions, David Tremblay, is pleased to announce the appointment of Christopher Kidd as regional sales manager for the Ontario and Maritimes markets. Kidd has 10 years in the heavy vehicle and transport industry.

Before joining Simard Suspensions in 2018 for the business development of the DRAMIS division, Kidd mainly worked as a sales representative in the industry. For the past three years, he has also acted as a parts and aftermarket sales support specialist.

“Christopher has very relevant experience within our company to take up the challenge in these markets. Thanks to his knowledge of the needs and issues of our clients and his ability to provide high-level customer service, he will enthusiastically ensure that these priorities are maintained for our organization,” said Tremblay.

All team members wish him great success in his new role.