NationsBuilders Insurance Services, Inc. (NBIS) Announces Expansion

NationsBuilders Insurance Services, Inc. (NBIS), the industry leader in specialty construction Risk Management and Insurance, announces expansion of insured risk management resources and training offered to all customers through a partnership with Industrial Training International (ITI).

As a leading provider of risk management and insurance solutions, NBIS is expanding risk management resources, training modules and service partnerships. Every policyholder has access to our Risk Management Support System (RMSS™) and is able to take advantage of resources and partnerships developed to support the safety culture, manage and reduce claims, and increase compliance with industry regulations and standards.

NBIS partners with each policyholder to provide RMSS™ risk management resources and solutions, now with expanded offerings. The following highlights what is available:

Contract management assistance: Customized contract review and language modifications based on best-in-class industry defense practices from our in-house claims leaders. This feature has been expanded to include over 20 variations of contracts applicable in all 50 states.

Exclusive partnerships and services: Additional services to support operations including dash camera purchase program, an immediate driver alert system for lane departure and collision avoidance, and a telematics system to purchase and deploy.

An exclusive new partnership with Industrial Training International (ITI) and the ITI Learning Hub. which will power the NBIS RMSS platform, offering insureds over 1,000 learning content titles from ITI and its partners such as The Crosby Group and Liebherr. Through this partnership, ITI learning solutions will be available to insureds at substantial discounts. Solutions include live in-person and live online courses, online learning, VR simulation and more, across subjects pertaining to cranes, rigging, lift planning, rigging engineering, heavy equipment and specialized transport.

Safety and equipment checklists: Long-standing section including pre-trip resources for heavy industry equipment to prevent wear and tear and equipment failures, and avoid minor FMCSA violations. This feature has been expanded to include frequently used checklists for crane assembly and disassembly, chain, hook and sling inspections, driver assessment and collision cost calculators.

“We are proud to serve our insureds with resources and tools that promote safety culture within their own companies,” said Bill Smith. “These turnkey training solutions meet the needs of their employees and partnerships and provide immediate value.”

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