2019 Contractor Safety Award

At their annual installation of officers, the Engineering Contractors’ Association (ECA) awarded Doug Marquis of Conco Pumping with their Personal Safety Award. Doug was recognized for his exceptional work in the construction field forwarding worker safety. His achievements include working with equipment manufacturers to improve the safety of boom pump operators in 2018. He improved their safety by collaboratively developing systems to create tie-off points when working on boom pumps. The tie-off points aid in fall prevention and related injuries.

In 2019, Doug further improved safety in the field of concrete pumping by developing two training programs. First, he developed a procedure for new and existing operators that guides and educates employees on proper concrete hose inspection before use. Second, he developed a 180-minute online safety course that reviews concrete boom pump operation and safety, as well as, hose inspection and cleaning procedures, illness and fall prevention.

Since 1976, the ECA has helped Southern California construction professionals by providing leadership and continuing education for its members.

We congratulate Doug on his ECA award and commend him for his commitment to safety and contributions to The Conco Companies.