COVID-19 New Labor Requirements

  • Emergency Family and Medical Leave (“FMLA”) Expansion established paid FMLA leave for employees unable to work (or telework) due to needing to care for a son or daughter under 18 whose school or child care provider is closed due to COVID-19. Twelve weeks of FLMA is provided, with the first 2 weeks unpaid.
  • Emergency Paid Sick Leave is required for employees unable to work or telework for a number of reasons related to COVID-19 for 2 weeks. This paid sick leave is to be made available in addition to any paid leave policies already in place. And the employee may use this paid sick leave before using sick leave available under existing HR policy.
  • There are dollar caps for both expanded FMLA paid leave and paid sick leave.
  • Refundable tax credits are available in an amount equal to 100 % of the qualified paid leave.

For more information about these leave requirements and to find copies of the posters you are required to post, please go to the Department of Labor’s COVID-19 and the American Workplace webpage.