Putzmeister America, Inc. Transitions Repair and Service Center to Wisconsin-Based Dealer, Kriete Group

Putzmeister America, Inc. has transitioned its refurb and repair center to longtime business partner, Kriete Group. The Kriete Truck Center—Racine, located in Franksville, Wisconsin will house the enhanced refurb center.

Built in 2005 to primarily support Putzmeister’s chassis needs, the Kriete Truck Center— Racine was the seemingly perfect place to further develop the facility. As a result, Putzmeister is now freeing up production space in its own factory for increased manufacturing capacity and eliminating the shuffling of vehicles back and forth between locations. This leverages the expertise of both groups and centralizes the point of service for customers.

“The move of the refurb group to Kriete will help speed the refurbishment process, as oftentimes there is truck chassis work to be completed as well as concrete pump work,” said Rob Demuth, head of service and training at Putzmeister. “All of this can now be done at one location.”

In addition to this relocation, Putzmeister America is assigning the Kriete Truck Center as the primary Wisconsin dealer for Putzmeister equipment, which will improve customer support capabilities. These transitions in the business relationship with Kriete move Putzmeister to an OEM manufacturing model, as well as to a dealer network for authorized parts, service support and small line sales.

The expansion at the Kriete Truck Center— Racine includes the addition of a 12-bay truck shop and an 85- by 22-foot state-of-the-art paint booth. Employees previously stationed with the refurb department at Putzmeister have been given seamless transitions to the Kriete Truck Center, and Kriete will be providing additional training and development opportunities within their business. At the center, customers can expect the same transparent level of quality and services that they have previously received at Putzmeister America.

“From a customer perspective, consolidating maintenance and repairs to both the pump and truck chassis to one location is a clear benefit,” said Jonathan Dawley, president and CEO at Putzmeister. “They can do it all—from major or minor repairs, replacement of wear parts and components, rebuilding the machine when needed and now also any paint requirements.”

For more information about the Kriete Truck Center, visit https://www.krietegroup.com/.