Conco Pumping Receives Two Significant Safety Awards

Conco Pumping recently received two different safety awards: the 2019 Albert H. Atwood Safety Achievement Award and the Southern California Contractor Association (SCCA) Zero Accidents 2018 award.

The Atwood Award was made on the basis of Conco’s diligent efforts over the course of four years to address the safety risk posed by the lack of fall protection systems on concrete boom pumps, separate placing booms and Telebelt mobile conveyors. As a prominent commercial concrete contractor, Conco was uniquely positioned to address the issue.

The company partnered with engineers and manufacturers to develop and test new systems that they then required be installed on the equipment they utilize. Their work has been shared openly with the industry at large, helping to increase the adoption of fall protection measures throughout it.

The Zero Accidents 2018 award was presented at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, California to companies that achieved a stellar safety record in 2018. This is a laudable accomplishment, given that maintaining an accident-free record is not an easy feat— OSHA reports the average rate of recordable incidents to be several per year per contractor.

Conco has worked to mitigate this risk within its own range of concrete services by utilizing a thorough accident prevention program and promoting the vision and initiatives of its safety teams. This combination of diligent safety practices and innovation helped make Conco Pumping a worthy candidate for industry recognition.