Dale Bone, Sr. Scholarship Opportunity

Dale Bone Sr Scholarship Header

In honor of Dale Bone, Senior, the Bone family has established a one-time scholarship fund with the funds generously received in Dale’s memory.  

Applicants may submit one application for consideration for both the Dale Bone, Senior and the “Big” Bob Weatherton scholarships. The same application guidelines will apply, and the ACPA scholarships will be awarded as follows:

2 - $5,000 scholarships
2 - $3,000 scholarships
1 - $2,000 scholarship

Dale Bone, Senior along with Jack Brundage founded Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping in 1983 and quickly grew their company into the largest concrete pumping in the United States. Dale was an avid supporter of the ACPA receiving the ACPA Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998 and an ACPA Pioneer Award in 2003. Dale served on the ACPA Board of Directors for many years as well as serving as Secretary on the ACPA Executive Committee. 

The ACPA Scholarship Fund is proud to offer scholarships to eligible class 1, 3, 4 & 5 members and their families, as well as to members’ employees and their families. Scholarships are for undergraduate, graduate and vocational students in fields related to Concrete, Concrete Pumping, Construction and Engineering, Construction Management and Administration and Vocational studies related to concrete pumps and trucks.

The Awards:

  • Five awards will be given out to five recipients in 2024. Three awards - $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000 – will be awarded for the “Big Bob” Weatherton Scholarship and Two awards - $5,000 and $3,000 – will be awarded for the Dale Bone, Sr. Scholarship this year only. The awards may be used for funding tuition, fees, books or room and board provided by the institution.
  • Half of the award (ie. $2,500) will be given for the Fall semester and the balance (ie. $2,500) for the Spring semester, after showing proof of successful completion of Fall semester.
  • The award will be paid directly to the institution where the recipient is attending. The recipient is responsible for notifying the school and providing the ACPA with information about how to make the payments.
  • Students may be considered for subsequent awards if they provide evidence of advancement in their studies. Scholarships may be given twice, but not in consecutive years. Scholarships are not automatically renewed and a new application must be submitted annually by the scholarship deadline.

Application Process:

  • Download and follow all instructions from the link below or email amanda[at]concretepumpers[dot]com to request the application packet.
  • The application and all supporting documents must be submitted no later than July 31, 2024.

Early submission is important. In the event of a tie, the awarded recipient will be determined by a timestamp of when the application was received.

Download Scholarship Application

Please contact Amanda Mitchell with any questions.