ACPA Job Site Safety Campaign Update

In early 2023, the American Concrete Pumping Association hit the trade show circuit to launch a major job site safety campaign and microsite. brings heightened awareness of ASME B30.27, the safety standard for material placement systems. The campaign highlights the responsibilities of each trade working with or around a concrete pump that are prescribed under the standard, with the ultimate goal of keeping every person on a job site safe.

“We saw an industry need to ensure that everyone on the job site has a clear understanding of their responsibilities under ASME B30.27,” explains ACPA executive director Christi Collins. “Our goal is to encourage partnering across all the trades to elevate safety on concrete pumping job sites.”

ACPA staff and members drummed up support for the campaign at World of Concrete in January and CONEXPO-CON/AGG in February. Tom O’Malley of Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping joined Collins and ACPA safety director Tabah Nez at press conferences to provide an overview of how many different trades are impacted on concrete pumping sites (see sidebar). Their efforts led to the formation of an industry coalition of partners supporting the campaign. So far, the American Society of Concrete Contractors, Concrete Foundations Association and Tilt-Up Concrete Association have pledged their support, as well as engineering and construction contractor McGuire and Hester and concrete contractors Joseph J. Albanese and Casey-Fogli.

ACPA also has been working with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association on how to get NRMCA members involved with compliance and support. As a result, NRMCA initiated meetings with the ASME B30.27 committee to fine-tune language defining responsibilities for liquid structural material suppliers and their drivers. As of press time, proposed revisions are in the balloting stage.

Next Steps

To reach individuals working in the field, grass roots promotion is anticipated to play a key role in this campaign. ACPA is currently creating toolkits for members and coalition partners to distribute electronically and on job sites. Toolkit materials will include but are not limited to:

• Hard hat stickers and equipment decals
• Instructions for adding the microsite to company websites
• An email signature and/or button promoting the campaign
• Flyers and branded materials with QR codes

The campaign is expected to last several years, and long-range goals include creating presentations for coalition members to present at in-person speaking events or as webinars. A podcast also is in the works.

“We are thankful for the industry leaders who have pledged their support for this campaign, and we hope to see even more organizations and contractors join our coalition,” says Collins. “Together, we will raise awareness and help create a safer work environment for everyone,”

To join the coalition and sign up to receive toolkits when they become available, visit

By the Numbers

The ACPA estimates there are more than 10,000 truck-mounted and trailer-mounted concrete pumps working across U.S. job sites on any given workday.

As for people:

• More than 30,000 mixer drivers place concrete into the hopper of a concrete pump
• At least 10,000 site supervisors and inspectors work around the back end of a concrete pump during these pours
• Around 100,000 laborers and 100,000 finishers work in close proximity to a concrete pump
• More than 300,000 construction workers work within 100 feet of a concrete pump, including forklift operators, crane operators, carpenters, plumbers, post-tensioning installers and ironworkers

That is roughly 2.4 million man-hours of exposure and risk every day!

One-Stop Website:

The cornerstone of the B30.27 job site safety campaign is a microsite that provides valuable information to all who work with or around concrete pump equipment. serves as an educational resource to familiarize all parties with the standard and provides videos, downloadable flyers, job site responsibilities by trade, FAQs and more.

“By raising awareness and providing valuable resources, this campaign will help construction trades prevent accidents and protect their workers. When we partner together, we can heighten safety awareness for every person on a job site,” says Tabah Nez, ACPA safety director. “We are most efficient when everyone is armed with knowledge and then gets involved in the planning process.”

The microsite will be regularly updated to provide content and resources that will educate, encourage and empower those on job sites to do their part to keep everyone safe.