ACPA Launches Online Test Proctoring

Effective June 20th, 2022 all ACPA Certification Tests will be monitored by a third party online test program – Proctor U.

ProctorU is a live remote proctoring service with specialized human oversight and support to create a testing atmosphere that prevents cheating, creates efficiencies and helps build equitability.

When an operator is ready to take the certification exam, the safety supervisor will send an email to, Certification Specialist, Shawna Mitchell, at Shawna[at]concretepumpers[dot]com  with the URL link attached to the certification exam purchased, along with the operator’s first and last name and email address. ProctorU will email the operator to schedule a time to take the exam. Only Chrome and Firefox browsers are compatible with the software, and a computer with a webcam is required.

On the day of the exam, a live proctor verifies the test taker with a photo ID and provides an overview of the test-taking process. The operator is then observed throughout the test to ensure requirements are met:

  • No items are allowed on the test-taking surface
  • The room must remain clear
  • Nothing can be in the test taker’s ears
  • No watches or other items may be on the test taker’s wrists
  • No one can enter the room during the test

Once the test is complete, ACPA receives an email notification from ProctorU to review and verify the test results. ProctorU’s assessment will provide an alert if anything unusual or against the rules happens during the test. Test results will typically be released within 24 hours.

Click here for a detailed tutorial or contact Shawna Mitchell at 614.431.5618 for questions.