At January’s annual Concrete Industry Management (CIM) auction at the 2022 World of Concrete, a concrete pump stole the show. ACPA manufacturing member company Alliance Concrete Pumps, along with NorCal Kenworth and Kenworth Truck Company, donated a truck-mounted 38-meter concrete pump. One of the signature items in this year’s auction, the pump features a new, robust rotec pedestal and streamlined side panels and outriggers.

According to Alliance Concrete Pumps, a modern design allows the pump to have less overall weight, making the machine legal to operate in more places. Although the pump includes redesigned features, its simplicity, reliability and performance remain. The Kenworth T880 Series chassis includes a 280-inch wheelbase, a Paccar MX-13 455HP engine and an Allison 4500 RDS six-speed automatic transmission.


ACPA member company J.K. Hammack, a residential concrete pumping company based in Celeste, Texas, purchased the pump truck, contributing $540,000 to the CIM program. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the concrete pump and truck combination was $435,000.

“The CIM auction provided us with an opportunity to add equipment that will help our operation while supporting a program that will educate the next generation of professionals in our industry,” says Kirk Hammack, owner of J.K. Hammack. “A big thanks to Kenworth, Alliance Concrete Pumps and NorCal Kenworth for supporting this auction and the concrete industry.”

The $540,000 donation will support the CIM program through scholarships for students pursuing a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in concrete industry management at Middle Tennessee State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Texas State University, California State University – Chico, and South Dakota State University.

“It’s important to provide opportunities for students who will build infrastructure projects in America, and CIM does a tremendous job of this through its programs,” says Clayton White, Alliance Concrete Pumps president and CEO. “We’re pleased this auction generated a major donation to the CIM program, which will help support the program and its students.”


In early 1995, the concrete industry began efforts to create the first (and only) four-year degree program in concrete industry management. The CIM program is designed to address the anticipated shortage of skilled managers needed to support the expected growth in the concrete industry. The program teaches students the skills and techniques needed to excel in all segments of the concrete and concrete construction industries. CIM also offers a unique Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in CIM. The program expands the industry-academic partnership by bringing CIM to the business world through an executive-type MBA.


The CIM auction consists of a live and silent auction, hosted by the CIM National Steering Committee (NSC). Concrete industry-related items, as well as other items, are auctioned off to the highest bidder.

All proceeds from the auction benefit the efforts of the CIM NSC and support of the CIM programs. Long-term, the CIM auction will provide ongoing support for the operation of world-class academic programs in CIM, as well as leverage government funds for research and educational initiatives that will benefit the entire concrete industry.

Thank you to ACPA members J.K. Hammack and Alliance Concrete Pumps for supporting the future of the concrete industry.