ACPA Announces Operator Certification 2020

Dramatic changes are in store for the ACPA Operator Training and Certification Program. Referred to as “Certification 2020,” the new program will launch by mid-year 2020 for ACPA operator certification.

“The new training and certification program focuses on elevating the quality and effectiveness of operator safety training and will raise the bar for safety in our industry,” says Christi Collins, ACPA executive director.

In Certification 2020, the Operator Safety Presentation 4.01 will be completely revised to the updated Operator Safety Presentation 5.0, with expanded emphasis on major hazards and accidents associated with concrete pumps.

Because driving accidents are the most common accident involving a concrete pump, Presentation 5.0 also includes a 22-minute driving video. While most driving accidents occur during backing, an increasing number of accidents occur when pumps make right-hand turns. Presentation 5.0 addresses both of these common driving hazards.

Other features include new graphics and images for an updated look and feel, as well as open-ended “talking points” to encourage audience participation. Talking points are also designed to allow a company to highlight its company policies. The time required to complete the presentation is estimated to take longer than the previous presentation, due in part to the discussion points.

With Certification 2020, ACPA offers three ways for operators to achieve ACPA safety training and certification, including:

ClickSafety: ACPA has contracted with ClickSafety to create an online portal allowing operators and any other interested parties to log in and attend the Operator Safety Presentation course. The program utilizes voice recognition software to ensure the person taking the course remains engaged for the entire program. Training is divided into modules, allowing participants to view the presentation at different times if desired. At the program’s conclusion, ClickSafety provides a link to the ACPA’s online testing site, where participants may complete the test for ACPA certification. ClickSafety will also be available in Spanish. Cost is yet to be determined.

ACPA Authorized Training Administrator (ATA): A company may either designate a person from their company to go through the ACPA Train the Trainer course that teaches the proper way to administer the Presentation 5.0 and certification, or they may hire an ATA by contacting the ACPA National Office. Fees will be charged if using an outside ATA. There will be a onetime cost to go through the Train the Trainer program, but it allows a company to train all its operators at once or individually as needed. The Train the Trainer program development is in progress, with anticipated completion in late spring 2020. Training workshop locations and details will be announced in early- to mid-2020

ACPA Operator Safety Seminar: Locations will be announced as they are reserved. Contact the ACPA National Office for more info.

“To date, we’ve presented the new safety presentation at two seminars, with very positive feedback,” says Collins. “The ACPA Operator Certification Program is the only industry-recognized certification program for testing concrete pumping practices, and we’re proud of our recent updates, which will help keep operators safer on their job sites.”

Certification 2020 will eventually include a revised certification test that is a better measuring stick for an operator’s knowledge on safe pumping procedures. Full implementation is anticipated by the end of 2020.