Show Us Your Concrete Pumps!

We will soon be including an "On the Job" page in the Concrete Pumping Magazine featuring photos you submit of your concrete pumps in action on jobsites!


The "On the Job" page will include a montage of five to six individual member photos chosen from photos submitted to the ACPA Dropbox account. Each of the pictures featured will include a caption with the member’s company name and location of the project.


And in the event we don’t have a suitable cover photo from the pictures submitted with ACPA featured job stories, an exceptional “On the Job” photo could potentially be selected as a cover photo for the magazine!

It’ simple! Please follow the steps in this tutorial to submit your photos to the ACPA Dropbox Account, complete the release at the end and send it to leah[at]concretepumpers[dot]com


  • All photos will be scrutinized for adherence to ACPA safety rules by the ACPA Safety Review Committee i.e.; no double-ended hoses, proper dunnage, one-to-one rule, power lines, PPE, safety straps etc.
  • Either horizontal or vertical photos are fine; however, cover-worthy photos work best with vertical orientation
  • Try to avoid distracting elements in the photos, such as portable restrooms or unsightly debris
  • Make sure the entire machine is in the photo and that the pump is active on a jobsite (no staged or commercial photos)
  • The higher the resolution, the better. How do you tell? File sizes that are generally 4MB or higher or an Image size of 3200 px by 2400 px or larger should be suitable in most cases.

Click here to Submit your company folder to the ACPA Dropbox account after you have read the instructions and submitted your release form.


Please email Leah Gunther or Jenna White if you are having issues with the submission process or if you have any questions.