ACPA Members Experience “A Day on the Hill”

ACPA Hill Visit
Part of this past September’s ACPA fall board meeting in Washington, D.C. included a member “Day on the Hill.” First, several members enjoyed a guided tour of the U.S. Capitol and the Library of Congress. During lunch, Roger Williams, a Republican congressman representing Texas’ 25th district (Fort Worth area) and one of the co-champions of HR 5474— The Concrete Pump Tax Fairness Act—joined the group and addressed current topics affecting most Americans. As a business owner with more than 41 years of private sector experience, Rogers understands the issues facing small business owners and he outlined his vision for tax reform, creating jobs, balancing the budget and shrinking the deficit. Rogers also reiterated the urgent need for immigration reform, as he told of his heart-wrenching experience visiting the dormitories that housed many of the children, mostly from Central America and Mexico, who were sent unaccompanied across southern U.S. borders this past summer.

In the afternoon, a coalition of members headed up to Capitol Hill to meet with their members of Congress and enlist their support for HR 5474. The bill, championed by both Williams and Democrat Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, seeks to change the way in which members are currently taxed on fuel consumed by their concrete pumps and would save concrete pump owners thousands of dollars per year.