Continuing Education Requirement to Change for Operator Certification

Beginning January 1, 2012 a new element to the safety training education requirement for ACPA Operator Certification will be added to include completion of the ACPA Operator Safety Presentation Program.

As a requirement for ACPA Operator Certification, operators must fulfill ACPA sanctioned safety training. Fulfillment of this training requirement will be available in one of three ways:

• Attend an ACPA Operator Safety Seminar;

• Complete the 23-Day Operator Training Program (new operators);

• Complete the new ACPA Operator Safety Presentation Program.

The ACPA Operator Safety Training Presentation Program is a narrated DVD version of the “live” ACPA Operator Safety Seminar PowerPoint presentation. The DVD was designed to allow operators easier access to this comprehensive safety training program, which contains individual segments on topics such as: before the job; pumping the job; hazards of the job; cleanout and maintenance; co-worker safety and technical properties of concrete and how they apply to concrete pumping. The content specifically focuses on the most common accidents and how to avoid them.

”Ideally, every operator should attend an ACPA Operator Safety Seminar but realistically, it’s just not possible to reach all of them through live seminars. With this new DVD, you don’t have to wait for a seminar in your area to safety train your operators. You can train one operator or a whole group any time you choose,” says Gary Brown, ACPA Certification Program chairperson. “And since it’s broken down into segments, you can spread the training out over several sessions.”

The DVD should be complete and ready for purchase sometime in late fall. The online training version should be available after the first of next year.