ACPA Joins California Concrete Pumpers Alliance

If you own a concrete pumping business in the state of California, you’re probably held to some of the most intrusive and complicated regulations than all of the other 49 states—especially when it comes to complying with California’s stringent diesel emission regulations. But even though California may be many miles away, their programs are still viewed by some states as the “model” upon which to build their own regulatory programs, and these could directly affect owners of concrete pumps nationwide. In fact, currently there are over 18 other states ready to adopt engine emissions programs similar to those implemented by the California Air Resource Board (CARB).

The California Concrete Pumpers Alliance’s (CCPA) mission is to keep the pump owner informed on the rules and regulations that apply to the concrete pump. As well, they continually advocate with California government agencies and have the knowledge to provide the most reliable strategies for compliance. Hank deCarbonel, CCPA director, has over 35 years in the concrete pumping industry, beginning his career as a Thomsen dealer in Northern California and eventually running the first Schwing store in America. It was through his experiences operating the Schwing store that Hank became well acquainted with many local and state government agencies. And in 2006, when the portable engine registration crisis came to a head for owners of line pumps, Hank jumped in with both feet and helped the ACPA to eventually receive a reprieve from CARB’s strict compliance requirements, saving owners of line pumps millions of dollars.

“It’s a full-time job just to stay on top of all the regulations and compliance issues California imposes on its owners of diesel equipment, and Hank has the tenaciousness to continually monitor their programs and keep us informed,” says Christi Collins, ACPA executive director. “While it’s a good move for us to join the CCPA so we can stay abreast of issues that might eventually affect all our members, for an owner of a concrete pump in California maintaining compliance is crucial to their business. If you fail to comply with CARB’s regulations, you can incur tens of thousands of dollars just in fines alone.”

Currently, Hank and the CCPA are actively lobbying CARB for a delay from the on-road diesel emission regulation requiring boom pump owners to begin retrofitting or replacing their concrete pump engines beginning in January 2012.

For more information, visit the CCPA website at or contact Hank at (916) 768-0329, or email: hank[at]capumpers[dot]org.