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Concrete Pumping Magazine Summer 2020

In this issue: Pumps "Go to Eleven"

A range of equipment delivers excellence in Twin Cities’ newest luxury high rise project.

In this issue: Austin Tower: Plan of Mystery

A long-vacant site will become home to a unique building for an unnamed client. 


Concrete Pumping Magazine: Winter 2020

In this issue: Peak Performance

Pumping concrete on Pikes Peak, with its extreme wind and weather conditions, made construction of a visitor center highly challenging.


Concrete Pumping Magazine Fall 2019

In this issue: Caltech Smarts

Fleming & Sons Concrete Pumping landed a project working as subcontractor to construction giant Hensel Phelps for construction of a neuroscience building on the Caltech campus in Pasadena.

Concrete Pumping Magazine Summer 2019

In this issue: Tilt-Wall Innovation

A Florida concrete specialist pulls out the stops for a massive office park project.

Concrete Pumping Magazine Spring 2019

In this issue: First West Credit Union

A Vancouver, Canada high rise is taking shape despite challenges due to slippery soil and limited access.

Concrete Pumping Magazine Winter 2019

In this issue: Tight Squeeze in Century City

Boom pumps, line pumps, placing booms—all perform big work in a small space.


In this issue: Quick Change Artists

Relatively new to the pumping business, this New Mexico concrete contractor steps up in a FedEx facility slab pour.

Concrete Pumping Magazine Summer 2018

In this issue: World's Largest Guitar Building

The giant 450-foot-tall guitar tower will be the centerpiece of one of the world’s most elaborate casino complexes.

In this issue: An Amazonian City

The world’s-largest internet retailer updates Seattle’s skyline with a unique neighborhood.


In this issue: Central Park Tower

The New York City skyline will soon experience a dramatic change when Central Park Tower debuts as the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere.

Concrete Pumping Magazine Fall 2017

In this issue: Idaho Upgrades Infrastructure

Several ongoing water treatment plant upgrades in rural Idaho require pumping in tight spaces.

Concrete Pumping Magazine Summer 2017

In this issue: Pumping Little Caesars Arena

Since the first yards of concrete were placed nearly two years ago, concrete pumping has been continuous—a model of efficiency and positive customer/pumper relations.

Concrete Pumping Magazine Spring 2017

In this issue: Ballpark Village

A new 37-story mixed-use tower will provide housing, retail space near San Diego’s Petco Park.


Concrete Pumping Magazine - Winter 2017

In this issue: Helping Fresno Families

A new Fresno hospital expansion will serve the city’s growing population.


Concrete Pumping Magazine - Fall 2016

In this issue: Indiana Energy Plant

Power Up! A 700-megawatt energy plant is taking shape in rural Indiana.

Concrete Pumping Magazine - Summer 2016

In this Issue: Chicago's Niche 905

This 18-story luxury rental tower will serve Chicago's expanding River North neighborhood.

Concrete Pumping Magazine - Spring 2016

In this Issue: All About the Base

San Francisco’s SalesForce Tower will be the tallest occupied building west of Chicago, rising from a 12,000-cubic-yard concrete foundation.

Concrete Pumping Magazine - Winter 2016

In this issue: New York Subway

East Side Access is one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects currently underway in the U.S., with a history that reaches back to the 1950s.


Concrete Pumping Magazine - Fall 2015

In this issue: Sugar House Senior Living

To overcome complex job site conditions and logistical demands, the 61-meter is providing two key attributes to place concrete efficiently and cost-effectively, from project start to finish.
Concrete Pumping Magazine - Summer 2015

In this issue: Market Square Tower

This massive Houston tower involved a continuous pour that took place in just over 24 hours.

Concrete Pumping - Spring 2015

In this issue: Montreal Medical

A merger of three Montreal hospitals into a single, huge health center requires an efficient placing solution, long hours of pumping and a special harsh mix.

Concrete Pumping Magazine - Winter 2015

In this issue: Madison Mixed Use

A Madison, Wisconsin mixed use facility will serve the city’s downtown area and the nearby university student population.

In this issue: OHIO I-75 MODERNIZATION

Concrete Pumping - Fall 2014

In this issue: OHIO I-75 MODERNIZATION

Updating a 50-year old elevated highway in a congested urban area is a delicate job requiring deft moves to avoid the constant flow of traffic and other construction equipment wedged onto the construction site.

Concrete Pumping - Summer 2014

In this issue: INDIANA IRON ORE

Construction of an iron ore collection pit in Reynolds, Indiana, required both ingenuity and the right equipment to continuously pump concrete for its difficult-to-access foundation.