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Concrete Pumping Magazine - Summer 2016

In this Issue: Chicago's Niche 905

This 18-story luxury rental tower will serve Chicago's expanding River North neighborhood.

Concrete Pumping Magazine - Spring 2016

In this Issue: All About the Base

San Francisco’s SalesForce Tower will be the tallest occupied building west of Chicago, rising from a 12,000-cubic-yard concrete foundation.

Concrete Pumping Magazine - Winter 2016

In this issue: New York Subway

East Side Access is one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects currently underway in the U.S., with a history that reaches back to the 1950s.


Concrete Pumping Magazine - Fall 2015

In this issue: Sugar House Senior Living

To overcome complex job site conditions and logistical demands, the 61-meter is providing two key attributes to place concrete efficiently and cost-effectively, from project start to finish.
Concrete Pumping Magazine - Summer 2015

In this issue: Market Square Tower

This massive Houston tower involved a continuous pour that took place in just over 24 hours.

Concrete Pumping - Spring 2015

In this issue: Montreal Medical

A merger of three Montreal hospitals into a single, huge health center requires an efficient placing solution, long hours of pumping and a special harsh mix.

Concrete Pumping Magazine - Winter 2015

In this issue: Madison Mixed Use

A Madison, Wisconsin mixed use facility will serve the city’s downtown area and the nearby university student population.

In this issue: OHIO I-75 MODERNIZATION

Concrete Pumping - Fall 2014

In this issue: OHIO I-75 MODERNIZATION

Updating a 50-year old elevated highway in a congested urban area is a delicate job requiring deft moves to avoid the constant flow of traffic and other construction equipment wedged onto the construction site.

Concrete Pumping - Summer 2014

In this issue: INDIANA IRON ORE

Construction of an iron ore collection pit in Reynolds, Indiana, required both ingenuity and the right equipment to continuously pump concrete for its difficult-to-access foundation.

Concrete Pumping - Spring 2014


Denver International Airport's first major expansion since the 1990s will add a 516-room hotel and a light rail transit station.


Concrete Pumping - Winter 2014


The unique “green” design of the Moore School of Business on the University of South Carolina campus is proving challenging.


Concrete Pumping Magazine Fall 2013

In this issue: SUPER STADIUM

The new home of the San Francisco 49ers will host the Superbowl’s 50th anniversary game.

Concrete Pumping - Summer 2013

In this issue: DC'S 11TH STREET BRIDGE

Located in southeastern Washington D.C., the $390 million 11th Street Bridge Project is the largest project underway in the District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Anacostia Waterfront Initiative.

Concrete Pumping - Spring 2013

In this issue: Toronto Subway Extension

Pumping in congested urban conditions, longtime ACPA member Pumpcrete of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, is executing multiple pours per day to speed construction of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension project.

Concrete Pumping - Winter 2013

In this issue: Clean Energy

Occupying less than two percent of the island, the plant facility is surrounded by an environmental protection zone.


 Concrete Pumping - Fall 2012

In this issue: Orlando Arts Center

Developing a concrete pumping plan is like casting a play with key performers chosen for their ability to fill a role.

 Concrete Pumping - Summer 2012

In this issue: Castle Building

There is a belief that the older the grapevine, the better the wine. This “slow growth is better” idea may also apply to a project 15 years in the making and the concrete pumping company that grew along with the project.

Concrete Pumping Magazine Spring 2012

In this issue: Hawaiian High Rise

Construction of the 24-story Holomua condominium project is getting off the ground due to a re-launched sales effort and an innovative construction technique.


Concrete Pumping - Winter 2012

In this issue: High Speed Technology

Upon its 2013 completion, the new research and development site will host breakthroughs still forming in engineers’ imaginations.

Concrete Pumping - Fall 2011

In this issue: Tunnel Vision

Unpredictable weather and close quarters make the Port of Miami Tunnel Project a challenge: construction the underwater tunnels is complicated by their proximity to a six-line highway.

Concrete Pumping - Summer 2011

In this Issue: We Will Never Forget

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York City will memorialize the nearly 3,000 people who died in the WTC bombing on February 26, 1993, and the horrific attacks on September 11, 2001.

Concrete Pumping - Spring 2011

In this Issue: Pumping on the Rocks

In a winter that has had many construction companies in the U.S. fighting the cold and snow and the resultant delays in concrete pumping, there is one pumping project that relies on sub-freezing temps to get the job done.

Concrete Pumping - Winter 2011

In this Issue: Rebirth: One World Trade Center

Set to top out at 1,386 feet in spring 2012, the high rise is being constructed with two concrete cores and concrete on metal decks utilizing an innovative placing system.

Concrete Pumping - Fall 2010

In this Issue: Command Performance

Las Vegas continues to invest in culture and the arts with The Smith Center for Performing Arts, a $245 million complex that will house multiple theaters and arts educational facilities.

Concrete Pumping - Summer 2010

In this Issue: On Track

Lifting 3.3-million pound precast beams into place proved to be a challenging task for contractors trying to meet an aggressive May 1 deadline on the new Florida Marlins stadium.