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Concrete Pumping is a trade magazine that is distributed to over 10,000 prospects in your market. This publication targets pumpers, manufacturers and distributors who use or are looking for products and services that you offer. Benefits of advertising in Concrete Pumping magazine include:

  • More direct exposure to your client base
  • Better return for your marketing dollar
  • Association with a high-quality publication increases your credibility
  • Ad packages to fit your budget

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Streetwise Tips on Magazine Advertising

Trade Magazines

Like specialty magazines, trade magazines allow you to zero in on your target audience. Trade magazines tend to have smaller circulations and even lower advertising rates than specialty magazines.

You should run full-page ads in trade publications, however. Do this even if it means you need to reduce your ad frequency to meet your advertising budget, and even if can only afford one full-page ad per year. Readers of trade magazines don't usually bother checking less than full-page ads even if they get caught up in carefully reading the editorial content. These readers know that only small start-up companies tend to buy small ad space and they aren't interested in any risks involved in purchasing from a less than well-established firm. In fact, some companies even purchase double truck, or facing full pages, multiple page, cover gatefolds, or special insert ads that they have printed themselves in order to really impress the publication's readers with their image and reputation.


No matter what magazine you decide to advertise in, readers expect magazine ads to be much slicker and more attractive than newspaper ads. And they expect the copy to read just as cleverly as a radio spot.

While you need to ensure that your ad is effective, it also must be visually appealing. Here is a suggestion that will help you judge what works and what doesn't. Develop more than one ad design idea or concept. Place mock-ups of these ad concepts in an old copy of the magazine you plan to advertise in. What do you think? How do they compare as you flip through the publication? Which one really captures your attention? And, since you might not be the most impartial judge, it is important to ask other people what their opinion is. Consumers are naturally drawn to the unusual graphics and pictures often used in magazines. It follows that magazine consumers are more likely to read those magazine ads that carry compelling images.

Four-color ads traditionally have the highest response rate from readers. The response rate typically decreases as use of color is eliminated - from four color to spot color to black and white. If you can't afford four color, but have a budget that will allow some "enhancement" over purchasing a basic black and white ad space, spot color is a good alternative.

Tips on writing your own magazine ad copy

  1. Get the consumer's attention.
    You need to take the consumer by storm by focusing on creating an eye-catching headline or phrase. Include a graphic or logo to establish the tone of the message.

    Avoid controversial headlines and pictures. Humor should be used judiciously. It's hard to come up with a humorous tone that is universally appealing. In addition, certain tones could actually be viewed as offensive by some members of your target audience. A clever phrase or impressive graphic will attract the attention of, and be appreciated by, almost everyone.

  2. Use color whenever possible.
    Magazines offer the opportunity to use four-color photos and artwork to enhance the meaning and impact of your message. Use this powerful tool. Give your ad color if you can afford it.
  3. Make your pitch concise and simple.
    List the benefits and reasons why the consumer should buy your product or service. Keep it short and simple. Reader's aren't going to treat your ad like a novel and sit down for a long read. You have only ten to fifteen seconds to get your reader's attention and appraise him or her of the unique value of your product or service. So avoid long phrases or cute dialogue. Be precise and to the point.
  4. Make it easy for the customer to reach you and order from you.
    In order to make it easy for potential customers to purchase your product or service, don't forget to include your phone number (toll-free if possible), fax number, and mailing address at the bottom of the ad. If other special ordering information is needed, include that as well.

Advertising FAQs

Should I run magazine ads without photographs or artwork?

No. Generally this would be a waste of money. Even in limited circulation publications, small ads will appear substandard if they don't incorporate appealing graphics.

Should I put color in my ad?

David Olgilvy, one of the all-time gurus of advertising, said that color is a bargain. It may cost about 50% more, but it delivers twice the response of a comparable black and white ad. Olgilvy's comment is right on the money.

One extra cost to consider is the creation of the four-color film, as opposed to one-color film for black and white ads, necessary to print such an ad. For a small ad in a limited circulation publication, the cost of producing the ad may be more than the cost of placing the ad! But if you run the ad as frequently or run it repeatedly with black film text changes only, the productions costs become a smaller component of your total costs.

Black and white ads can be effective, but as a rule color ads are more likely to pay off.

Why is trade magazine advertising so important?

The purpose of many trade magazine ads is image building - creating excitement for and awareness of a company's products or services in the mind's of potential consumers. They aren't necessarily designed to generate sales or even inquiries, even though some do.

Companies rely on their sales forces and/or distributors to make sales actually happen. Small companies may rely more heavily on telemarketers, independent representatives, direct mail, or trade show participation to effect actual sales.

The benefit of an image ad lies in its ability to "prep" potential consumers for making a purchase. Then, when they are personally contacted by a salesperson or telemarketer they already know who the company is and what the product is about. Just because they have heard of you, they are simply more likely to buy from you!

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