Putzmeister Truck-Mounted Boom Pump Maintenance and Service - Ergonic® Systems

Event Date: 
12/03/2018 - 8:00am to 12/07/2018 - 5:00pm

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Putzmeister America is pleased to announce course offerings to our customers. All courses feature the added benefits of personalized classroom and hands-on training used for all Truck-Mounted Boom Pump course offerings. This format brings increased focus and added benefits to the customers, and will give our customers new tools in maintaining our product line of concrete pumps.

The Truck-Mounted Boom Pump Service Training is offered in two courses. We offer the pump operations course to operators needing training on proper operating procedures and pump maintenance and service. The course is for technicians who service and maintain boom pumps. In our desire to provide effective and timely service support to equipment with either the 12 or 24 volt systems, the courses are aligned with the end user in mind. To continue our commitment to the customer, the support documents have been expanded in a style that will increase the understanding of the customer of the equipment, as well as provide support documentation that may be referred to at a later date.

An additional benefit of the course format is users will be able to utilize these materials in a "self study" environment to enhance and expand their knowledge about the systems installed on the equipment. This will lead to higher confidence levels and increased performance due to improved system familiarity.

Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump Maintenance and Service Ergonic® Systems - 5 Days

Focus: This course covers advanced concepts and techniques used by persons responsible for the maintenance and proper operation of the concrete pumps and builds on the information covered in the Truck-Mounted Boom Pump Operations course. The student must have a working knowledge of electrical and hydraulic component functions, circuit theory and schematics. Students attending this course must have solid industry experience, or have attended either the operations course or a previous Truck-Mounted Boom Pump Service School.

Subjects Covered:

  • Pump Component Identification and Functionality, 24VDC Ergonic Systems
  • Review of Electrical Components
  • Electrical Theory of Operation and Component Integration
  • Advanced Trouble Shooting
  • Electrical Schematic Evaluation Ergonic Systems
  • Electrical System Maintenance
  • Truck to Pump Interface
  • Hydraulic Component Functionality and Hydraulic Systems
  • Hydraulic Schematic Evaluation
  • Hydraulic Component Troubleshooting
  • Hydraulic System Trouble shooting
  • Hydraulic Component Checks/Adjustments
  • Mechanical Maintenance and Service
  • Emergency Troubleshooting and Procedures
  • Advanced Pump System Troubleshooting

Fee: $995.00
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Note: Contact the Putzmeister Customer Support Group with any questions either by email serviceschool[at]putzam[dot]com or call (800) 890-0269.