Operator Training Program - Full Program

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Developed by professional industry experts, the ACPA Operator Training Program is a 23-day program that will guide you towards effectively training your new operators. Your trainee will learn safe concrete pumping skills and practices whereupon after a successful completion of the program, your trainee will be designated a Trained Professional in the field of concrete pumping. This program includes the following materials:

  • Training Program Guide
  • Trainer/Trainee Sign-Off Book
  • ACPA Safety Manuals/Bulletins/Publications
  • ACPA Study Guide/Program Final Exam
  • ACPA DVDs and corresponding quizzes

This program does not fulfill the safety education requirement for certification. As of January 1, 2022 - As a prerequisite for ACPA Operator Certification, an operator must complete the 5.0 Operator Safety Training Presentation, which can be fulfilled in one of three ways:

  1. Complete the ClickSafety online safety training presentation course 
  2. Instruction from an ACPA Authorized Training Administrator
  3. Attend a “live” ACPA Operator Safety Seminar