Monthly Safety Training Program - Online

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Based on the monthly trainer’s guide, this series of videos features Mr. Les Ainsworth, a 40+ year veteran of the concrete pumping industry and an avid proponent of concrete pumping safety training and practices. Mr. Ainsworth presents each monthly training session, step-by-step, as a great resource for your monthly safety meetings.

Included Topics:

  • Job Set Up (Length: 25 minutes)
  • Before Driving to the Job (Length: 18 minutes)
  • Driving to the Job (Length: 14 minutes)
  • Pumping the Job (Length: 33 minutes)
  • Safety Rules for Coworkers Around the Pump (Length: 20 minutes)
  • Moving During the Pour (Length: 12 minutes)
  • High-Voltage Wires (Length: 21 minutes)
  • The Basics (Length: 20 minutes)
  • Cleaning A Separately Laid Pipeline (Length: 24 minutes)
  • Cleaning the Pump (Length: 15 minutes)
  • Pinch Points & Cut-Off Points (Length: 22 minutes)
  • Maintenance Safety (Length: 25 minutes)

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