PumPro Insurance

ACPA Endorsed Insurance ProgramIt's a fact of life in the pumping industry. Very few insurers understand what the business of pumping concrete involves. As a result, you may pay extra for coverages that aren't required and miss out on coverages that you need.

The ACPA has come up with the answer: an insurance program based specifically on the property and liability exposures that pumping companies face - at special rates that pumping companies can afford.

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Debbie George
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ACPA Insurance

  • Designed specifically for the ACPA.
  • Administered by the Norman Spencer McKernan, Inc.
  • Structured as a group plan, to provide special rates.
  • Coverage tailored to your needs:
    • Comprehensive
    • Business Income
    • Contractors Equipment
    • Commercial General Liability
    • Worker's Compensation
    • Commercial Auto Liability
    • Umbrella Liability
  • Good safety record for participants can create dividend.
  • Loss prevention programs help you make your business more safe and effective.
  • Claims administered through nationwide network offices for speed, service, and efficiency.
  • Programs can be administered by local independent agents.